Starting A Business From Scratch In 2019

So far 2019 has been a turbulent year or business as a whole. The UK has seen giants in the industry fall such as Deutsche bank having to make thousands of job cuts to stay afloat as well as retailing giants Debenhams and House of Fraser going into administration. These businesses have blamed rising business rates as well as less annual footfall on the high street and overall reduced consumer spending for the issues that they encountered when trading. Add other issues into the mix such as Brexit and the business world looks like a ruthless intimidating area to venture into for new aspiring entrepreneurs/ business people.

Sourcing Capital

One of the first steps that you will need to take with starting up your new business is sourcing capital so that you have finances to be able to get the business running. There are a number of different way in which you could potentially source capital for new business venture. One such way in which you do this is by borrowing money from the bank. Attaining a bank loan allows you a source of income that you can use to help launch your business and pay back as it begins trading. Another way in which you could source capital is by using some of your savings. Doing this means that you are taking a calculated risk with your finances.

Choosing What Area Of Business To Go Into

Choosing what area of business to go into isn’t always as easy as it seems. Although there are often gaps in some niche markets this is often because a few large companies dominate the sector and try to buy out the opposition. A good example of this is online retailing. Amazon and Ebay both have a large market share of the online industry when it comes to selling a variety of goods. A good way to choose what area of business to go into is to conduct some market research to find out further information about the market. Doing market research into an area of business to go into means that you can be better prepared .

Starting Off Small

Sometimes Its Best to start off small in order to be successful with business. Starting off with a smaller scale business may mean that your risks are spread out and reduced. A good way in which to start off a small business is by buying and selling items on eBay or a wholesale website. Doing this allows you to get a start within business and a better understanding of what works and what does not. Starting off on Ebay or Amazon is incredibly easy and allows you flexibility with when you want to run your business.


When it comes to go into business there is no secret formula for guaranteed success. Business takes time perseverance and investment in order to see progress and returns on investment. New businesses should start off online with retail sites to experiment in the market before heavily investing in the market.