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Are you looking for a leading orthodontist Glasgow? The Berkeley Clinic is arguably the best orthodontist in Glasgow. A person’s teeth is one of the first and most notable physical attributes in a person. For most people, their teeth are revealed when they are talking and for everyone they are visible when you smile and laugh. Therefore any enjoyable conversation will lead to your teeth being on display. If you have not been blessed with perfect teeth and have instead been burdened with either crookedness, overcrowding, missing teeth, discolouration or even some sort of oral disease then you will likely struggle with stress and anxiety on a daily basis as you try to conceal your teeth or you overthink about other’s looking at and judging them. Finally you can rest assured that there is an answer. This article outlines all you need to know about the Berkeley Clinic.

Image from the back of orthodontist Glasgow clinic showing two patient chairs and some equipment

The Berkeley Clinic

This dental and cosmetic surgery is situated in Glasgow’s city centre which is highly accessible through various modes of transport. Although it is a private clinic, there are several monetary offers that help with costs of treatments thus making it much more inclusive than several of its competitors. The reason that the Berkeley Clinic is so popular is the use of innovative technologies that not only produce stunning results but also significantly reduce the treatment times and speeds up results. A lot of adults who choose to have braces opt for this high end practice as it offers many teeth straightening solutions that are highly effective plus a lot less disruptive to their life. Plus the team are expertly trained in treating patients with dental anxiety, with a whole department dedicated to aspect. One of the main causes of worsening dental and orthodontic issues is negligence which is a result of fear of attending a dentist or orthodontist Glasgow.

Orthodontist Glasgow holding model teeth and demonstrating a denture being placed into gum

Inman Aligner at Orthodontist Glasgow

The Inman Aligner is one of the most sought after teeth straightening solutions in Glasgow as it can take merely a matter of weeks to resolve the patient’s issues. If you have a busy lifestyle and want to keep the duration of your orthodontic treatment down to a minimum with as little interference in your professional and social activities as possible then this is idea for you. Standard metal braces can take up to two years to reach the desired effect with a requirement of visits to the orthodontist every three to four weeks. The Berkeley Clinic is the first orthodontist Glasgow to use the Inman Aligner which uses revolutionary technology to straighten teeth. This device takes six to sixteen weeks to achieve the desired effect. The best thing about this device is that it is transparent and is barely visible on the patient. One thing to keep in mind is that the Inman Aligner is best used for correcting crowding, protrusion, rotations or cross bites.