Why Your Home Needs Richardson and Starling Structural Repairs

Richardson and Starling is a leading expert in structural repairs in the UK. Unfortunately variables that are outside of our control can lead to our home requiring structural repairs such as environmental changes, for example flooding. A problem such as this should never be ignored as the damage they cause can be as extreme as cracked masonry or the break down and failure of structural damp proofing. In most cases, the longer that a structural issue is ignored, the larger the problems it will cause for you and your property. It is always better to have an expert examine the issue sooner rather than later as it may end up costing less than you think. This article outlines all you need to know about structural repairs carried out by Richardson and Starling.

Man looking at house plans before starting structural repairs

Wall Crack Repair

A crack in the wall is an obvious sign of structural repair, and one that must be addressed as quickly as possible. There are many factors that can lead to cracked walls, such as wet or dry rot or impact damage. Richardson and Starling have many years of experience in dealing with structural issues and are experts in dealing will wall cracks. First of all a member of the team will visit the property and conduct a thorough survey which will determine the origin of the issue and the best way to treat it. With wall cracks they will likely use one of the following methods:

  • Crack stitching
  • Lintel repairs
  • Overbeaming
  • Expansion joints
  • Lateral restraints
  • Remedial wall ties

Structural Repair Solutions

Richardson and Starling are the best choice of contractor for your structural repairs as not only do they have many years of experience in the industry bu7t they offer a customer guarantee that ensures all work carried out is cost effective and of the highest quality. Despite being in the industry for 80 years, Richardson and Starling keep up to date with latest technologies and techniques, using only the very best materials to always provide an excellent service. The combination of experience with expertise makes this family run business a stellar choice for all your property repairs.

 Contractor with hard hat and building plans in hand jumping for joy beside the property that he has just completed structural repairs in

Crack Injection

One of the latest technologies is a waterproof crack injection solution which resolves wall cracks in concrete or brickwork. This method has been implemented by Richardson and Starling for many years and is proven to be effective, efficient and economical as well. Structural repairs, such as crack injections, can repair a number of wall structures such as concrete, brickwork, and stonework. Therefore no matter the material of your property Richardson and Starling will be able to apply a cost effective and efficient solution.