Early Signs You May Need a Roof Replacement or Roof Repairs in Glagow

In order to avoid a costly roof repairs in Glasgow, be aware of the early signs of a failing roof. Look for dripping water on the ceiling or upper walls, missing shingles, moss, and a droopy or sagging roof. Then, schedule a roofing inspection to find any issues that require immediate repair. In addition to sagging, you should also watch for any signs of rotting or mold growth.

roof with mold soot and rotting shingles

Dripping water on your ceiling or upper walls

One of the quickest ways to lose value on a property are leaks and water damage. Leaks on the roof are not always easy to locate. Water may enter at one spot, run down the wall, and soak up into your walls and flooring. While the obvious signs may already be visible, catching a serious leak is tricky.

Here are some of the most common signs of roof damage.

Missing shingles

The first sign you should look for is missing or broken shingles. These small flakes can be easily noticed in the attic when the lights are off, and can indicate that your roof is beginning to fail. If you notice cracks or missing shingles, it is likely time for a roof replacement. If you notice cracks in the roof, it is a sign that it is time for weatherproofing and replacement. It may be time to hire a Glasgow roofer who can deal with emergency roof repairs in Glasgow.

moss on roof

Droopy, sagging roof

A droopy, sagging roof is an important sign of aging. If you’ve maintained your roof correctly, it should last for decades. If not, your roof will eventually droop and begin to leak. If you notice any of these problems, contact a roofing contractor to assess your roof and determine the best course of action. If the damage is too severe to repair, a new roof may be your best option.

Moss on shingles

If you notice moss growing on your shingles, you may need to get a new roof. Although this isn’t a surefire sign of a serious problem, it is a warning sign that your roof is showing signs of wear. Moss can damage your roof’s shingles and ceilings, so it’s important to get it cleaned up as soon as possible. If you’re not sure how to get rid of moss on your roof, call a Glasgow emergency roof repair professional to help you determine the best course of action.

A common symptom of deteriorating shingles is the presence of moss between shingles. It usually begins as a thin layer of green and spreads to a matt-like consistency over the entire surface of the roof. Moss can grow in the edges of the shingles, seams between them, and even under them. Wood shingles are particularly prone to the development of moss because of their porous surface.