Is It Easy To Book A PCR Test In Scotland?

Booking a PCR test in Scotland has become far easier since 2021. Only just over a year ago there was barely any testing facilities in place. However, now that science and technology has progressed, we have on demand testing services available across the country. Quill MCR is investigating and looking into the difference PCR testing can make to businesses across Scotland and the wider impact that this is having for the future.

Private Testing For Travel

Tests are vital in Scotland whether you are planning to travel or not. For the business industry especially, we have seen a rise in demand for PCR testing in Scotland due to more business events and functions opening up across Europe.  To book a PCR test in Scotland, you should have a good idea of where you would like to visit prior to travelling as well as preparing to free up time to take the test.

Although there is public testing available, if you want to travel for business purposes or leisure, you will still need to provide proof of a negative testing using an approved and accredited PCR or antigen test from a private supplier. Suppliers of these types of tests can be found across the web as well as at transport hubs such as the airport or in the city centre.

There were concerns amongst the business community as well as the travel sector that private testing could price regular travellers out of the market or put them off travelling. But thankfully, this has not been the case with tests being made available from as little as £30.

What You Should Expect From The Test Booking Process

The test booking process is fairly easy and straightforward to follow. These are the steps that we followed:

  1. Do a quick search for tests within your local area. In our case we simply googled PCR tests Glasgow
  2. Browse through the results based on factors such as recognised brands and prices
  3. Choose a website that you would like to visit
  4. Book a test online via their online portal
  5. Verfiy your booking has been successful and visit the testing centre at your assigned booking slot.

So all in all, we found the booking process to be very simple and easy to use. But what should be noted is the fact that most reliable companies can be found online. Its generally better to book online in advance as it frees up more of your time when you arrive into your destination.

The Effect Business Events And Conferences Have Had On Us

More events and business conferences have a had an overwhelmingly positive effect for our organisation. Being able to book a PCR test in Scotland helped ensure we were safe for travelling to international events in order to speak and network with other websites and organisations.

Whilst the events and conferences we have attended have been very helpful and useful, it should be noted that we believe thorough testing should continue to be carried out throughout the events. Some events have more stringent rules than others with regards to covid 19 and the potential of transmission or infection.

Book a PCR test in Scotland

So if you want to book a PCR test in Scotland, our firm recommendation would be Randox health. This was the firm that we chose to use in order to get our tests booked easily and with minimal disruption. They have testing centres across the UK and provide a comprehensive testing service to ensure that you get the most accurate results in good time.