Non-Surgical Eyelift Glasgow | All You Need to Know

This guide will outline everything you need to know about the non-surgical eyelift as performed by Dr Darren McKeown. We all experience it: getting older. It’s inevitable for everyone and a natural part of human life. However there are some who grow old more gracefully than others and simply those who are not too fussed about the physical changes that they see in themselves over the years. For many people, men and women, it is very distressing to watch your physical appearance change, especially if you feel there are negative changes occurring and even more so if you feel they are happening too fast. Many people who are feeling this way turn to cosmetic surgery to try and reverse the signs of ageing and help themselves feel more confident and happy.

Needle, pain killers and filler in jar all used for non-surgical eye lift

Dr Darren McKeown Aesthetic Medicine Institute

Dr Darren is arguably the best cosmetic surgeon in Glasgow due to his precision in application of treatments and procedures plus his sincere empathy with patients as he works with them towards the ultimate goal of a happier patient. Dr Darren has a passion for aesthetic medicine and the ability to cosmetically improve a person’s appearance with technology. However he ensures that all his patients achieve a natural look that is not extreme or overdone.  Many people make the mistake of having procedures repeated too often as over time they adjust to their rejuvenated look and become convinced that they need more work done. The constant build-up of product leads to a very obtrusive and fake effect which Dr Darren strives to avoid in all his patients.

Black and white photo of young man in t-shirt smiling who does not need a non-surgical eye lift

Non-Surgical Eye Lift by Dr Darren McKeown

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. In the cosmetic surgery industry this is understood to be true as the eyes are usually the first part of the face to show signs of ageing. Amongst cosmetic clinicians, a common complaint from patients is that their eyes look tired or sad all the time. This can be attributed to the drooping or sagging skin that surrounds the eyes. Where many cosmetic surgeons went wrong in the past was believing that the cause of this sagging skin was simply gravity. However recent research and study has revealed that over time humans lose volume in their face, both in bone and fat. The skin is therefore left loose and will sag down. Dr Darren offers innovative non-surgical eye lift solutions to improve this natural flaw.

How Does the Non-Surgical Eye Lift Work?

A needle containing filler is injected into the area just below the eyes, where volume is typically lost with age. It is a series of small injections, usually on top of the bone. It is important to realise that the product used as filler for the non-surgical eye lift expands slightly in the days following the treatment, therefore it is essential that during the procedure the clinician “under-corrects” in order to maintain subtly and a natural outcome.